Don’t Wait Till It’s Too Late!!

Are you ready for a government Audit?  You may think you would pass, but have you covered all compliance issues in your day to day practice?

Compliance Program

The Affordable Care Act of 2010 made Compliance Programs mandatory for ALL Health Care Providers/Suppliers.

Yearly Training

Employee Compliance Training is required on at least a yearly basis which proves Education and Training Programs are in place for the ambulance service.

Yearly Audits

Part of the Compliance Program is to develop internal monitoring and reviews which encompasses at least yearly audits.


Three Questions to help you determine whether you would pass the compliance test

  1. Can you prove you are checking the LEIE exclusion list and the KY Medicaid exclusion list for every employee every 30 days, and the GSA list for vendors every 90 days?
  2. Can you prove your compliance program is a working, effective program?
  3. Are you providing yearly compliance training for all employees as well as yearly internal compliance audits?

If you cannot pass this test and would like more information, please view our video for more information about Medical Compliance Services.

Medical Compliance Services is here to help you

Establish a Working/Effective Compliance Program to help insure the ambulance service is receiving all the revenue in which it is legally entitled to receive. It is not only important to receive payments but to be able to keep those payments if ever audited by any government agency.