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Our team has years of experience in the EMS industry, multiple EMS compliance certifications, and is represented on Medicare MAC advisory boards. We leverage all of our resources and knowledge to put our clients in the best position to succeed.
Our List of Services
From audits to training, MCS has built a compliance program to address all of the OIG’s seven fundamental elements of a compliance program. Contract with us for our full package or pick and choose the services where you need the most support.
Read about Our Full Package or Individual Services Below:
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We provide audits based on Medicare regulations and coverage criteria which include detailed reports with recommendations for training and corrective action. Clients have the option of adjusting the audit’s scope from all paid Medicare claims to specific targeted risk areas.
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We create training modules to cover an entire compliance program. MCS incorporates prescribed topics along with client specific issues to tailor our training to your service’s needs.
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It’s our experience that many facilities do not have a strong understanding of EMS regulations, putting services behind on collecting necessary documentation. MCS helps clients create better, more compliant relationships with the facilities they serve by joining the service in meetings between the parties and offering supporting resources and training materials.
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Policies & Procedures
We have developed sample policies and procedures for clients to use and meet the standards of the OIG’s effective compliance program guidance. We offer assistance with policy implementation and provide annual updates to ensure the sample policies stay up to date.
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Ongoing Support
We take pride in giving clients quick and thorough responses. Drawing on our resources and industry connections, we work to get you the best answer to your problems.
A Complete Compliance Program
Our Full Package
We provide a complete package of compliance services that work together to ensure that our clients are meeting all OIG compliance program guidelines.

Our full package includes auditing services that identify risk factors, and our reports provide corrective action measures to address those risks.

Our training services take the information from our audits and deliver custom training targeted to the client along with all the necessary compliance program topics.

We provide sample policies and procedures for clients to adapt to their services which are taught during our training.

Our liaison services help clients communicate their compliance and documentation needs with facilities and information obtained during our audits and training may identify problem areas and examples to share with the facility.

Finally, we provide ongoing support to help clients understand their compliance program and provide important updates to CMS ambulance regulations and programs.

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Not Looking for the Full Package?
We provide clients the ultimate flexibility in developing and running a compliance program. Pay only for what you need. Each of our services can be a stand-alone product to complement your service’s existing compliance program.
Our audits complement internal company policies for risk assessments, corrective action plans, and targeted or annual training. Our audits help our clients avoid fines and correct issues that may make them a target of payer audits in the future.
We conduct audits that simulate a payer audit and provide detailed audit reports for our clients, which include recommendations for training and corrective action. Most clients select an annual audit of Medicare paid claims; however, we offer targeted audits, including dialysis transports, ALS transports, Emergency transports, and interfacility transports.
The audit process is simple. We use the OIG RAT STATS program to create a statistically valid sample from your claims universe and request documentation for the selected claims. Our trained auditors review all documentation in accordance with Medicare regulations and guidance and apply our extensive organizational knowledge to review claims for compliance issues. Afterward, we finalize a detailed report that includes an error rate based on overpayment and underpayments identified in the audit. We present our report to your management team and review your service’s next steps for corrective action.
Our training program helps your service fulfill annual training requirements and keeps your employees educated on new industry topics. Our training topics cover the building blocks of a compliance program including: an overview of major relevant laws, documentation of Medical Necessity and other required information in the ePCR, proper use of EMS forms such as the Certification of Medical Necessity form (formerly the PCS form) and ABN form, and how to correctly review, code, and bill ambulance claims at the correct level of service. Our training incorporates your service’s policies and procedures and is adaptable to issues we discover in audits.
Our goal is to bring an understanding of compliance for both crew and billers. To do this, our auditor will identify example transports during your service’s audit for the trainer to show specific examples to the crews on the issue. We believe covering both sides of the ePCR together helps your employees understand the how and why of compliant documentation.
We offer flexible training formats to fit the needs of your service. We conduct large online or in-person training events, small group targeted topic training, and online modules of the entire package or specific topics. Our training sessions include training logs to help your service maintain records of your training activities.
Ambulance services and other healthcare providers sometimes have different priorities and different regulations. As seen in actions brought by the DOJ, when providers and ambulance services aren’t on the same page, it can create risks for both parties. In many instances a provider may not understand or consider the documentation needs of your service. We use our expertise and wide professional network to bridge the gap between your service and local providers and help these facilities understand ambulance regulation requirements. The end result will help everyone deliver more cohesive patient care in a compliant manner.
Policies & Procedures
Creating a full manual of compliance policies and procedures can be a large undertaking. We’ve created a complete set of sample compliance policies for our clients to help develop their compliance programs. We will work with your service to adapt the sample policies into ones that fit your service’s needs and we provide annual updates to our policies to help ensure your service stays up to date. Additionally, we incorporate your service’s policies and procedures into our training to create a complementary compliance system for your service.
Ongoing Support
We provide our clients with unmatched support. As a client, you can submit questions to us via our website, direct email, or telephone. In many cases we can immediately provide a thorough response, but for unique problems, we will draw from our many connections and research in the ambulance industry to quickly determine the best practice or course of action for your service. Our clients can expect detailed answers and recommendations. We take pride in being there for our clients any time, any day.
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