The OIG Website is a great place to get information regarding Compliance Matters.  You are required to check their exclusion list every 30 days for every employee.

CMS’ Ambulance Service Center is a place to bookmark – GREAT resource for the ambulance / supplier.

Visit CMS website

CGS Medicare is always a good place to go for answers. They have an Ambulance Specialty page with information needed for ambulance providers / suppliers.

Visit CGS website


Stay informed by checking out the Kentucky Board of Emergency Services website and attending board meetings.

Visit KBEMS website


Support the Kentucky Ambulance Providers Association. A great resource for EMS in Kentucky!

Visit KAPA website

Kentucky EMS Connection

This website is a one stop shop for EMS in Kentucky – check it out often.

Visit KY EMS Connection

Narrative Pro

NarrativePRO narrative writing software let’s your team create organized, detailed narratives in just minutes. Compatible with all types of ePCR software and paper reports, NarrativePRO eliminates many common documentation problems to decrease denials and increase returns.

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EHS Healthcare Solutions

To empower EMT’s and Paramedics in the field, EHS (EMS Healthcare Solutions) has created a full line-up of lifesaving solutions to help you make better-informed decisions as well as document them once the patient is at the ER.

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